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Information about effects is sourced from customer reviews. Cannabis affects individuals differently, so you may experience different effects. Customer-reported information is not a substitute for medical advice. Always seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.


Relaxed 79%
Happy 52%
Euphoric 48%
Uplifted 40%
Sleepy 34%

The mostly sativa Nuken is a Canadian strain bred by combining genetics from Kish (a cross of two Shishkaberry parents) and God Bud. Her even-keeled effects are delivered alongside a sweet, earthy aroma of fresh herbs and grass. While undeniably strong, Nuken typically leaves you functional enough to still enjoy hobbies and the company of friends. Nuken blooms with rounded, dense buds covered in a blanket of crystal resin veiling its sage hues.


13 reviews for Nuken

  1. Kristen Mercer (verified owner)

    Good strain.

  2. jessie.bailey (verified owner)

    Personally I found it was a good day time strain, not so much night time. It was most effective when I was awake and active, doing stuff like yard work or fishing. Definitely recommend trying at least once.

  3. sean79840

    One of my favorites!

  4. clark

    It gives me a high feeling but still can make me functional. I usually use this during over time at work. Makes me enjoy my work.

  5. bradley

    Highly recommended!

  6. ralphie

    Surprised how euphoric this strain is.

  7. rabii.saissi

    Good choice

  8. oldmeiser (verified owner)

    First order… very impressed ..will be back.happy happy happy.

  9. drschroeter89 (verified owner)

    Very focused high. Great for day and night depending on your tolerance.

  10. Daniel Trenholm (verified owner)

    A very promising strain that that is very flavorful and makes you feel creative

  11. Gedge (verified owner)

    Extreme value here. This is the real sticky icky. Very aromatic which is a sign of quality. A few minor cons would be it’s a bit leafy and some of the nugs are on smaller side. Still, bang for buck 5/5

  12. Daniel Trenholm (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this batch, completely caked in crystal, even has a hint of purple in some of buds!

  13. tyonkers (verified owner)

    Can’t believe that the Nuken is a complementary perk to shopping with you. I feel like we should be giving you the perk! EVERYTHING you have done has been way beyond my expectation. Use these guys!!! They’re helpful and the Nuken Kicks ass!!!! Everything kicks ass!!!!

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